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Creating and Using Virtual Reality: a Guide for the Arts and Humanities#

Virtual Reality Case Study Library#

How to locate browsers and plug-ins#


  • Cosmo Player plug-in is the most popular VRML browser and is now distributed by Computer Associates International.

Java 3D

Collaborative Virtual Environments

The following browsers and plug-ins are necessary to visit on-line CVEs on the World Wide Web. The respective websites give instructions on how to download and install the components.

  • Blaxxun Contact plug-in to connect to blaxxun worlds. The installation procedure is fully guided and the plug-in installs itself as the default browser for VRML files.
  • Active Worlds browser to connect to the Active Worlds server. The browser is a separate program that can be used in combination with a web browser. The browser updates itself automatically whenever a new version is available from the Active Worlds website.
  • Sony Community Place browser to connect to Sony Community Place Bureau servers.
  • Cosmo Player plug-in is the preferred VRML browser in combination with Netscape Navigator to connect to a DeepMatrix server.