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Acknowledgements #

The authors and editors of this Guide would like to offer sincere thanks to those who have contributed to it by reviewing and commenting on draft versions. These people include:

  • Jo Clarke, Archaeology Data Service
  • David Dawson, Re:source
  • Alligator Descartes, Symbolstone
  • Mark Gillings, University of Leicester
  • Dave Hobbs, Bradford University
  • Jeremy Huggett, Glasgow University
  • Hamish James, History Data Service
  • William Kilbride, Archaeology Data Service
  • Paul Miller, UKLON
  • Keith Westcott, Archaeology Data Service
  • Paul Wheatley, Camileon Project, University of Leeds

The authors and editors of this Guide would also like to extend their thanks to all those who have worked so hard to bring it to publication. These people include:

  • Catherine Hardman, Archaeology Data Service
  • Val Kinsler, 100% Proof
  • Maureen Poulton, York St John College
  • Phill Purdy, Visual Arts Data Service
  • Janine Rymer, Visual Arts Data Service
  • Lara Whitelaw, Visual Arts Data Service