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This Guide has been archived. Other previous versions of the Guides to Good Practice are available from:


Creating and Using Virtual Reality:a Guide for the Arts and Humanities #

AHDS 2002 #

Edited by Kate Fernie and Julian D. Richards #

With contributions by Tony Austin, Rachael Beach, Aaron Bergstrom, Sally Exon, Marc Fabri, Michael Gerhard, Catherine Grout, Stuart Jeffrey, Mike Pringle, Damian Robinson, Nick Ryan, Melissa Terras #

Additional Case Studies by Kate Allen, Clive Fencott, Learning Sites, Anthony McCall #

Section 1: Overview and Objectives #

Section 2: Virtual Reality: History, Philosophy and Theory #

Section 3: Virtual Reality Methods and Techniques #

Section 4: Collaborative Virtual Environments #

Section 5: Documenting Data from a Virtual Reality Project #

Section 6: Archiving Virtual Reality Projects #

Section 7: Resource Discovery #

Appendices #

Bibliography and Glossary #

The Virtual Reality Case Study Library #