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Section 6: Archiving Virtual Reality Projects#

6.4 Guidelines for depositing digital archives

In some cases, project funding carries with it an obligation to deposit the application that is produced in an appropriate digital archive. In other cases the decision to deposit a virtual reality project will be made by the project team in discussion with an archive repository.

There are several factors to be considered when proposing a virtual reality project for deposit in a digital archive. These include:

The importance of an application for a particular discipline

The importance of the materials being proposed for archiving will generally be considered in a peer review process. This enables both the depositors and the archive managers to clarify the intellectual problems concerned with the application in the context of the subject discipline. This process should also assist in assessing the potential levels of interest in reusing the application in future.

The cost of archiving

The costs of archiving the application will vary according to how (or even whether) it can viably be managed, preserved and distributed to potential secondary users. Project managers are recommended to contact an appropriate digital archive at an early stage in the project to discuss their guidelines, not least because different archives have different methods of offsetting the costs of archiving.

Formats and documentation

Each archive has terms and conditions that the project must adhere to for depositing and archiving its material. Most archives will have guidelines covering the data formats that are accepted, the documentation that is required and terms and conditions for access. It is a good idea to discuss these at an early stage and to follow the guidelines from the beginning of the project.

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