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Section 5: Documenting Data from a Virtual Reality Project#

5.6 Reporting project outcomes#

Each virtual reality project should result in a report that describes the project and its outcomes. The report is an important part of the project documentation as it provides a description of how the virtual reality was produced and its look and feel. It also offers an opportunity to record the audience response to the virtual reality – their engagement and the successes and failures of the techniques that have been used.

For some virtual reality installations, for example exhibitions taking place in collaborative virtual environments, the report provides a record of a performance or an event.

Reports should contain:

  • an abstract or summary
  • an introduction to the project and its objectives
  • description of the methods
  • description of the look and feel of the VR produced
  • the projected lifespan of the VR
  • the results
  • a record of any key events
  • conclusion.

Reports should also contain an appendix which provides an index to:

  • the media files which make up the VR and their location
  • details of how the media files relate to each other.

5.6.1 Documenting the report

The report itself and some basic cataloguing information should be deposited as part of the archive for virtual reality projects. The information required to document the report is:

Report title and reference number
The title of the initial paper or digital report that has been generated from the results of the survey, and any surveyor's reference number.

Report author
The name of the author(s) of the report.

Report holder
The name of the organisation or individuals who can provide copies of the report.

Report summary
A brief summary of the project; in most cases this will be the abstract from the report itself.

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