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This section is still under review
Things to do:
  • incorporate VENUS examples (page deleted from MRS guide)
  • Add in bibliographic refs and footnotes (if any?)
  • 1.1.2 - need a reference for Amercian Soc. for Photogram. quote.
  • 2.1.5 - comment re. what is the 'raw' dataset - processed or unprocessed images.
  • I'm not sure how the reference/datum metadata relates to other metedata. Would these be referenced by each image (i.e. add in a 'reference/datum' field to the iameg metadata) or would you just need to list them at the project level? These also have a set of images associated with them that aren't used as the basis for modelling (is that right?).
  • section 4 - needs some work to tie it in with other guides i.e. raster images for the image component; maybe laser scanning for dealing with point clouds derived from photogrammetry. Need to be clearer about the products of photogrammetry and what formats to use (e.g.. point to CAD for DXF)
  • section 5 - need to make sure that example metadata here matches up with the specs in section 3

Close-Range Photogrammetry
A Guide to Good Practice#

By Adam Barnes#

Edited by Kieron Niven#

Section 1. Introduction#

Section 2. Data Collection and Documentation #

Section 3. Metadata Groups#

Section 4. Archiving Close-range Photogrammetric Data#

Section 5. Case study #

Bibliography and Further Reading#