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Section 3. Metadata Groups and Suggested File Formats#

3.1 Project Group#

3.1.1 Project Level details

TitleThe project name or name for the dataset
DescriptionThe original purpose for the survey work.
SubjectKeywords for the subject content of the dataset (qualified using e.g. the English Heritage NMR Monument Type Thesaurus or the MDA Object Type Thesaurus.
CoverageSite location and description. The address, or coordinates for the site and a description of the site and object or structure to be surveyed. Coverage should also include any relevant period terms.
CreatorsFull name and organization(s) of the surveyor(s)
IdentifiersProject or reference numbers used to identify the dataset.
DatesDate or dates that the survey was conducted in both the field and/or lab.
Intended accuracy or scale of the survey The originally intended accuracy or scale that the survey was to achieve.
Make & model of camera(s) and lens(es) Detailed make and model of the camera and lens used for the survey.not sure we need this as will be detailed below
Description of reference information usedDescribe any existing reference information available to the surveyor(s), including paper plans or digital spatial data of the site or object.
Additional project notesAny additional project notes that the surveyor feels applicable.

3.2 Camera Group#

3.2.1 Camera calibration

Camera NameThe camera name or reference for the specific camera/lens combination. This should match those described at the project level (section 3.1.1).
Date of calibration Date that the calibration was performed.
Camera calibration file name The exact file name for the camera calibration.
Camera specifics Specific make and model of the camera and lens used.
array dimensions in pixels Width and height of digital array measured in pixels.
array dimensions in mm Width and height of digital array measured in millimeters.
Focal length and principal point Exact focal length and principal point location and measured by the camera calibration.
Lens distortions (K1, K2, P1 and P2 parameters) Radial and decentering distortion parameters as measured by the camera calibration.
Affine distortions Affine distortion parameters as measured by the camera calibration (if measured).
Other parameters measuredAny other parameters measured during calibration
Calibration adjustment report A report on the quality of the camera calibration including at a minimum the correlation between exterior and interior parameters

3.2.2 Calibration images

Image file namesFile names for calibration images.
Calibration target description (dimensions, etc.) Include target dimensions, creator and description.

3.3 Image Group#

3.3.1 Planimetric sketch

Planimetric sketch or mapA hand-drawn or printed map illustrating the object being surveyed and it's immediate surroundings, the position and orientation of each image captured during the survey, and any other helpful information.

3.3.2 Image level details

I think that we need to add in image filename here? Exif bit can probably be removed to a guidance note (along with the reqs for planimetric sketch).

Image file namesFile names for each image.
Project nameSame as Project Name in section 3.1.1.
Camera make and modelSame as Camera specifics in section 3.2.1.
Any additional notesAny additional project notes that the surveyor feels applicable.

3.3.3 Image Processing and Format conversions

Would the metadata below apply per image or per set of images?dd

Processing of imagesDescription of digital image processing performed on the images and the software used.
Format conversionsList of format conversions performed on the digital images and the software used.

3.4 Reference/datum Group#

3.4.1 Reference frame details

Source and datum (total station, GPS, etc. and WGS84, UTM, LRF)Identify the source for control point collection and the datum used during data collection.
xyz coordinatesList the three-dimensional coordinates for each control point.
xyz covariance matrix Provide full correlation if available (from survey adjustment or GPS baseline solution), otherwise provide estimated standard deviation or variance of each coordinate.
Textual description of locationProvided a textual description for the location of each control point.
Image of the control point location (so it can be relocated)An image with the control point location clearly indicated.
Geometric constraints on reference features or controlList any known geometric constraints for reference features or control.
Coordinate SystemName of coordinate system, datum and projection.

3.5 Model Group#

3.5.1 Software used

Name and version of the softwareInclude all details of the software name, manufacturer, and version used.
stochastic & physical model (if known)Name the stochastic and physical model used.
Optimization method (if known)Name and give relevant details of the optimization method used (e.g. Gauss Markov weighted least squares).

3.5.2 Estimated variance component

Estimated variance componentProvide an estimated variance component for the model.

3.5.3 Image exterior orientation parameters (?, ?, ?, X, Y, Z) and covariance matrix

Exterior orientation List exterior orientation parameters for each image.
Covariance matrix Provide the covariance matrix for image exterior orientation.

3.5.4 External Datum Definition

Tie, control and check object point locations (xyz) and covariance matricesList of reference points coordinates used, with indication to whether each point was a tie, control or check point (include covariance matrices is possible).
Tie, control and check image point residualsList of residuals reference point residuals.
Control and check point Root Mean Squared Error (RMSE)RMSE values for control and/or check points.
Constraints on object pointsList of constraints used during processing.