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Section 3. Archiving Laser Scan Data#

3.3 Scan Registration Metadata #

The registered dataset is a single point cloud file that is comprised of multiple scans that have been registered to the same coordinate system with a completed global registration. The registered point cloud dataset should be archived as a single point cloud file in the ASCII format (TXT) and should also include the transformation matrices for the original scans as TXT files. An additional control point file may also be available (TXT).              

Scan Registration Metadata:

Name of Registered DatasetFilename for the dataset, a suggested naming structure for registered dataset for archiving: ProjectName_GR.txt
Registration Method Provide a brief description of the methods used to register the point cloud. E.G. Individual scans were aligned using N Point pairs. Final global registration computed following individual scan alignment.
Global Registration Error in units Total RMS error from global registration in scan units
Total number of points in file Total number of points in final registered point cloud

Suggested File Name for transformation matrices: ProjectName_GRmatrices_scan1.txt

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