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Section 3. Archiving Laser Scan Data#

3.2 Acquisitional Metadata #

Acquisitional metadata is divided into two levels, Project level metadata and Scan level metadata. Both project and scan level metadata should accompany the archival of the original scan datasets. The specifications provided by English Heritage (2007) are the basis for the metadata standards listed below. Additional specifications not listed in the English Heritage document are also suggested.

The project level metadata is the information needed to completely document a single scan project. A project will typically include multiple scans over a definable object or coverage area. For example, if two separate monuments/structures are scanned at a site then each monument will have its own project level metadata. Scan level metadata is information collected that pertains to each unique scan within a project. Most of the metadata entries are self explanatory however additional descriptions may be included where deemed necessary.

3.2.1 Project Level Metadata

Project NameName of the project
Name of monument, survey area, or object Name of object, monument, or area scanned
Monument/Object NumberThe ID number or code, if applicable, of the object or monument
Monument/Object DescriptionBrief description of the monument/object being scanned
Survey LocationExact location of survey with complete address and/or coordinates
Survey Date(s) Dates(s) of survey
Survey ConditionsThe overall weather trend during survey (sunny, overcast, indoors, etc.)
Scanner DetailsDetails of the instrument(s) with serial number(s) and scan units
Company/Operator NameDetails of company and scan operator name
Control data collected?If yes, then list control_file_name.txt.
Turntable used?Yes/No
RGB data capture?If yes, then specify whether:
- Internal or external?
- Was an additional lighting system used? If yes, then provide a brief description of the lighting system.
Estimated Data ResolutionThe estimated data resolution across the monument or object.
Total Number of Scans in Project Total number of scans
Description of final datasets for archiveWhat datasets will be archived (include file names if possible)
Planimetric map of scan coverage areasIf applicable, then provide the image name.
Additional project notes Additional notes
Images from surveyOptional, if yes, then provide the image file names

3.2.2 Scan Level Metadata

Scan FilenameThe name of the scan. A suggested filename for original raw scans for archiving is in this format: ProjectName_scan1.txt.
Scan Transformation MatrixThe name of the transformation matrix used in Global Registration. Suggested file name: ProjectName_scan1_mtrx.txt
Matrix Applied to Scan? Y/N Has the matrix been applied to the archived scan?
Name of monument/object Name of monument or object being scanned
Survey Date Date of scan
Data ResolutionFixed resolution or data resolution at specific range.
Number of Points in Scan Total number of points in the scan file
Additional Scan Notes Additional notes
Scanner TechnologyTOF/Phase/Triangulation
First or Last Return (TOF scans only) Indicated whether first, last, or both returns were specified
Camera Exposure Settings (If RGB acquired)(TOF and Phase scans) Exposure settings set on scanner
Frequency Settings (Phase scans only) Frequency settings set on scanner
Noise Settings (Phase scans only) Noise settings set on scanner
Lense or FOV Details (Triangulation scans only) Indicate which lense or FOV was used during scan

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